The geology of the West Raglan property comprises the volcanic and sedimentary rocks of the Chukotat and Povungnituk Groups, intruded by the Lac Esker Suite of ultramafic rocks.

The ultramafic intrusions of the Frontier Zone of West Raglan Property are located at the same stratigraphic position as all of Glencore’s Raglan Mine deposits.

Project Work

Exploration work to date at West Raglan has identified outcropping sulphide mineralization over more than 35 km of strike length with very limited testing at many zones. Magnetic signatures, lithogeochemistry, and geology are the same at West Raglan’s Frontier zone as Glencore’s Raglan Mine. The Southern part of property has magnetic and till anomalies suggestive of Nunavik Mine (South Trend) style mineralization (larger tonnage, high Cu and PGM).

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